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In case of problems with the Transport offers processing system please, contact the technical service.
1. The procedure of registration within a system involves going to the” registration” tab and filling out basic information on the Company. Please, note that all fields are obligatory and failure to complete any of them makes the registration in the system impossible. Upon verification of the entered data, a password shall be sent, at the e-mail address provided in the ”Information on the Company” part, which enables logging on the system. The submitted e-mail address becomes a login.
Any information regarding the organized on-line auctions, submitted offer inquiries, ex. (invitation to on-line auction or tender contest, notification on the selected winning offer or auction, etc.) shall be sent at the e-mail address provided in the “Contact person” part.

It is recommended that the submitted address-login was an address available for few persons, this will enable regaining password or an access to the system in a situation, when a contact person is unable to participate in the bidding procedure via the system, ex. such person is on holiday, does not work in a Company or is not registered in a Company anymore.

2. Upon logging into the system you will be informed on the possibility to select the participation in a tender contest or an on-line auction. These are two different forms of placing bids:

  • Tender contest is a method to submit a price proposal, which is then subject to comparison against other proposals submitted by other participants of the contest. You shall be notified about the contest results and bidders qualification by the employees of our Company.
  • On-line auction works on-line and the selection of final service providers shall be notified to you by the system immediately upon the ended auction.

3. Prior to entering the part of the system enabling the bidding procedure or participation in the on-line auction, please become familiar with all regulations on participation and the attached documents. As the conditions of participation in the tender contest or on-line auction might be modified, we hereby ask all those who took part in previous contests or on-line auctions to learn in detail the regulations and rules provided on the webpage.

4. Detailed instructions regarding system management can be found in the ” Instruction”, “Tender Contest” or “On-line auctions” tabs, respectively.
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